Frequently Asked Questions

+ Where are you located?

I work from my home office in Metro-Atlanta. Because of technology, I can serve clients nationwide.

+ How far are you willing to travel?

I work with mostly female digital entrepreneurs. I also serve local Atlanta-based business owners. I can travel depending on location once per quarter.

+ Will hiring you for my bookkeeping and accounting save me money?

Yes! Working with me as your bookkeeper will definitely save you money. You do not have to hire a full-time bookkeeper as a staff member. Having a bookkeeper can also avoid overpaying for your taxes because of unorganized books! Especially come tax time!

+ Will outsourcing my bookkeeping to you be safe and secure?

Safety is my number one practice. My computers that I work from (My desktop and laptop) are secured and have password encryption software installed. I take your financial information serious and confidential. All current and future team members sign legally binding NDA forms.

+ How do I start working with you?

Call me at (678) 561-2447, send me an email at OR set up a discovery call with me. Who knows, we may make a great bookkeeping marriage! If we’re a good fit, I will direct you to complete an intake form so that we can set up an official consultation.

+ I only need temporary bookkeeping services. Can you help me?

I am more than happy to give you help with temporary bookkeeping. These services can be getting started with your bookkeeping system, clean-up services, or if you’re between bookkeepers.

+ I just started my business and had no idea where to start with my bookkeeping and accounting! How do I get started?!

I love helping budding entrepreneurs! I offer bookkeeping training to help you to understand your books. Payment plans are available!

+ I just bought a cloud-based accounting system, but I have no idea where to begin. Can you help me use this efficiently?

Yes! I am Certified ProAdvisors for Xero, Quickbooks Online, Freshbooks, and Wave! I am happy to help.

+ Do you do payroll?

I can help you get started with payroll through the Gusto payroll system!

+ I already have a CPA/and or tax preparer. Can we still work together?

Yes! Both your CPA and tax preparer will appreciate you having accurate and organized books. It saves them time - and saves you money!

+ Do you do taxes

No, I do not prepare income tax returns nor business taxes. I can, however give you referrals to some awesome ones!

+ Can you perform audits?

I am not a CPA so cannot legally perform audits.