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affordable bookkeeping made easy!

We help you make and manage your money to fund the lifestyle of your dreams!





When you have a strategic bookkeeper on your team, you'll have someone helping you maximize your profit AND your best interest in mind!


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Make handling your biz finances effortless as a full-time entrepreneur!


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"Tapping into Iyanna’s genius has helped me become savvier with how I earn, handle, and save money! I got the clarity I needed to design and price my services in a way that reflected my value and attracts my ideal client. 

- Amber L. Wright, Keynote Coach & Speaker of


"I now understand where I need to be putting my energy. I am less stressed because I can see that the decisions I am making are resulting in profits. Plus, I am able to evaluate the most successful pieces of my business."

- Jenny Melrose of The Melrose Family &


"I love how thorough and detail oriented Iyanna is. Each meeting she refers to previous goals and provides financial accountability which is really appreciated. She’s also so dependable!"

- Tamara Floyd of Natural Hair Rules!!!

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Why the Lovely Financials Group?

LFG always strives to be proactive vs just reactive. We help break down the most daunting finance challenges.