Strategy without the commitment

Work through your money challenges with a 1-hour session!


Not ready to commit to coaching or have a bookkeeper on your team?!

I get it!

You may be just starting out in your business. Working through money management challenges can get tricky. 

It gets frustrating when you have one annoying problem that you just can't seem to fix. Especially when you can't afford having someone on your team just yet or need some guidance on where to start. 

You're juggling thoughts of how to pay yourself, pay taxes, and keep your business afloat!

Introducing Strategy sessions!

Great for those who have a burning question, challenge or concern you need to work through in your business ironed out with a 1-hour session. 

I offer an hour profit audit session to help you:

  1. Understand your costs for your service
  2. Help you determine the value of your service
  3. Create a plan to increase your prices so you can fund your lifestyle

What if I need something other than profit strategy?!

That's perfectly fine! You can use this strategy session for thing such as creating a framework for your business plan, review and quick strategy for current financial systems, and anything else where you can receive my undivided expertise and attention for your blossoming business. 


"Tapping into Iyanna’s genius has helped me become savvier with how I earn, handle, and save money! After our Strategy Session, I got the clarity I needed to design and price my services in a way that reflected my value and attracts my ideal client. Iyanna is patient, professional, and a true pleasure to work with!"

Amber L. Wright, Keynote Coach & Speaker of

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