bookkeeping services that grow with you!

Organizing your finances with profit in mind!



Because you were ready for top notch money management yesterday.

You know that you need to stop pushing your bookkeeping until the last minute. And let’s not mention that you’re tired of waiting until tax season to reveal your income.

It’s time to stop guessing because we all know what really gets tracked gets managed.

And if you’re interested in having your business become (or continue) your main income source, it’s time to get it together.

Have you ever felt the following:

  • Not fully knowing if you’d be able to provide for your family or team because you’re unclear about your finances

  • You know that you’re not working towards a specific money goal because you aren’t clear about your numbers

  • You haven’t been making the best money decisions that will directly help you build a legacy for your future.


It’s actually possible to have bookkeeping done for you at any stage of business.


  • You’re able to put the needed amount in your emergency savings account..

  • You no longer feel anxiety about what loved ones have to say about your business

  • You hire your first, or few, team member to help you scale your business

  • You can project what should be paying yourself every month.

  • Profit margins are increasing and you pay yourself a bonus!

  • Tax season is a breeze and your tax accountant will spend more time planning for the future instead of harping on the past.



Hi, I’m Iyanna Vaughn, the owner and founder of Lovely Financials Group. We’re an Atlanta-based bookkeeping firm serving women-led empires nationwide.

For the past 3 years, I’ve helped digital entrepreneurs make and manage their money to fund the lifestyle of their dreams.

From performing bookkeeping for this industry, I’ve been able to study trends. Study how the top performers maximize their profits.

I realized something - the ability to grow income is by knowing and understanding where you are from the very beginning.

The journey is your own but all of my clients have told me that if they knew their numbers earlier in the game, they definitely would’ve made more money by leaps and bounds.

I also recognize the mindset shifts they take to reach multiple 6-figures to 7-figures.

But I’ve had my own struggles...

When I started my business, I experienced major imposter syndrome. I had so many mindset blocks that led me, a bookkeeper, to not make the money I deserved.

So I'm playing a role in helping my clients retain money. Then when I got to look at my own numbers, I became disheartened with the little money I did make.

I knew something had to change. Something that didn’t involve all the emotion but yet a way to create a boundary. Boundary between the money my business must make and the clients I cared about and served.

At Lovely Financials Group, we know that money isn’t a strong-suit. So we coach you through understanding your numbers in non-condescending way.

We also love a good laugh to help you decrease the anxiety of knowing your finances. Okurr!

Introducing Affordable bookkeeping services

Maximize your profits and improve your cash flow.

After working with digital entrepreneurs, I realized that the reason of their lack of understanding their numbers.

Accounting terms are tough.

Applying them to your business is even tougher!

I was determined to find a way to provide more access to money management to avoid businesses failing before they truly even begin.

Because let’s be clear: there’s more to your numbers than revenue and expenses.


"Before working with Iyanna I had struggled with commingling funds, budgeting, actually understanding what I was profiting. After our first consult, she could tell how much it was affecting me so she scheduled an appointment with me for the very next day so that I could put my mind at ease and focus on my business. Since working with Iyanna, I now understand where I need to be putting my energy. I am less stressed because I can see that the decisions I am making are resulting in profits. Plus, I am able to evaluate the most successful pieces of my business.”

- Jenny Melrose of The Melrose Family &

Let's get started!

Money management with coaching in mind. Below is an overview

  • Fill out the quick intake form so we can know more about you and your business needs. The next page will give you an opportunity to book your free discovery call. 

  • Right after our call, you'll receive a  more detailed questionnaire so I can get to know you and your business better to diagnose your numbers and develop a plan of action!

  • You will chose the best plan of action for you and your business and start getting your money all the way in order. We'll lay out the red carpet to get you on-boarded. 

  • Once you're on-boarded, you'll receive your very own profit and cashflow plan for your business.

The Pioneer $49/mo

Annual Revenue of $0-50K

Quarterly Bookkeeping

Quarterly Financial Reports

Profit Analysis Twice per Year

One Email a Month

The Essential $89/mo

Annual Revenue of $50K-$120K

Quarterly Bookkeeping

Quarterly Financial Reports

Profit Analysis Twice per Year

Once Email a Month

The Guru $129/mo

Annual Revenue of $120K - $250K

Quarterly Financial Reports

Quarterly and End of Year 90 min strategy sessions

The CEO $169/mo

Annual Revenue of $250K - $400K

Quarterly Customized financial reports

Quarterly and End of Year 90-min strategy sessions


What Does it Include?!


Quarterly Bookkeeping

So long to doing your own bookkeeping once a month and hello to affordable bookkeeping! Know that your books will be complete AND accurate once a quarter. Not only will you have a piece of mind but your tax pro will love you as well!

Quarterly Financial Statements

Knowing where your numbers stand is crucial to growing as an entrepreneur! These internal quarterly financial reports will help you get ahold of the financial health of your business!


Once a Month Email Support

We all have questions once in a while! Ask us any question regarding your finances once a month and our team will be happy to help. If you're looking for a service that's more hands-on, look below at our unlimited support option!

Profit Analysis Twice a Year

Our team will meet internally twice a year to take a deep dive into your numbers. We will review your profitability and make some unique suggestions to help you improve the trajectory of your business!



Have the flexibility to build your own package with these amazing add-ons!


Monthly Software Subscription


Not yet on an accounting platform, we got you covered!


Budget & Cash Flow Management


This is for you if you're ready for the ultimate profit plan!


Monthly Bookkeeping


Need monthly reports instead of quarterly?! Choose this add-on to receive monthly reports!


Accounts Receivable


For you if you're tired of not knowing if you're missing out on receiving payments on client invoices! 


Weekly Bookkeeping


Want to be able to see your numbers on a weekly basis?! Choose this to get super focused on your numbers!


Accounts Payable


Overwhelmed with paying vendors, affiliates, and other bills?! Choose this add-on!


Unlimited Support and Monthly Consultation


Need the concierge experience? Get unlimited emails, calls, a dedicated monthly consultation  unique financial reporting!


E-Commerce and Inventory Management


Have an online store? Inventory?! We'll help you understand the profitability of your store and help you track your inventory!


Sals Tax Filing


Want to stop worrying about sales tax?! We'll help you file on-time to save you a headache!




Want to outsource your payroll?! Choose this add-on! We'll cover the subscription fee as well!


"Keeping up with my Income & Expenses, being crystal clear on my income projections, and truly knowing my cost of good sold/associated fees have been a struggle. I love how thorough and detail oriented and Iyanna is. Each meeting she refers previous goals and provides financial accountability which is really appreciated. She’s also so dependable! Unfortunately, dependability is not common these days. We meet when we say we are going to meet and she doesn’t miss a weekly check in. Iyanna is respectful of my time by keeping an agenda with specific action items."

- Tamara Floyd of Natural Hair Rules!!!






Monthly Bookkeeping is for you if...

  • You have months of neglected bookkeeping**
  • You're totally overwhelmed with managing your business finances and bookkeeping.
  • You need more than a one-off service to help you get your biz finances in order
  • You don't know how to use your financial story to make your goals a reality
  • You're ready to dive into your finances and use financial goals to drive your decisions
  • You're ready to commit time to create a clear financial portrait of your business

Monthly Bookkeeping is NOT for you if...

Well, monthly bookkeeping is never not right. Bookkeeping should begin when you spend your very first dollar on your business. With our affordable packages, we meet you where you're at in business whether you're just starting or growing your empire by leaps and bounds!


I know how scary it can be to trust people with finances and personal information in the age of technology. These questions have probably already crossed your mind: Will this person rip me off? Will she know how to handle my online business? Will she flake out on me?  Can I trust her?

Here’s my promise to you: 

When you hire me as a bookkeeper, you can be certain that I will take great care to handle your information discreetly and with sensitivity. You can be certain that I will care about your money and financial goals ALMOST as much as you do. And you can be certain that I will work and advise you with only YOUR best interest in mind.

ready to get your finances in ordeR?!

Fill out the form below!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Where are you located?

I work from my home office in Metro-Atlanta. Because of technology, I can serve clients nationwide.

+ How far are you willing to travel?

I work with mostly female digital entrepreneurs. I also serve local Atlanta-based business owners. I can travel depending on location once per quarter.

+ Will hiring you for my bookkeeping and accounting save me money?

Yes! Working with me as your bookkeeper will definitely save you money. You do not have to hire a full-time bookkeeper as a staff member. Having a bookkeeper can also avoid overpaying for your taxes because of unorganized books! Especially come tax time!

+ Will outsourcing my bookkeeping to you be safe and secure?

Safety is my number one practice. My computers that I work from (My desktop and laptop) are secured and have password encryption software installed. I take your financial information serious and confidential. All current and future team members sign legally binding NDA forms.

+ How do I start working with you?

Call me at (678) 561-2447, send me an email at OR set up a discovery call with me. Who knows, we may make a great bookkeeping marriage! If we’re a good fit, I will direct you to complete an intake form so that we can set up an official consultation.

+ I only need temporary bookkeeping services. Can you help me?

I am more than happy to give you help with temporary bookkeeping. These services can be getting started with your bookkeeping system, clean-up services, or if you’re between bookkeepers.

+ I just started my business and had no idea where to start with my bookkeeping and accounting! How do I get started?!

I love helping budding entrepreneurs! I offer bookkeeping training to help you to understand your books. Payment plans are available!

+ I just bought a cloud-based accounting system, but I have no idea where to begin. Can you help me use this efficiently?

Yes! I am Certified ProAdvisors for Xero, Quickbooks Online, Freshbooks, and Wave! I am happy to help.

+ Do you do payroll?

I can help you get started with payroll through the Gusto payroll system!

+ I already have a CPA/and or tax preparer. Can we still work together?

Yes! Both your CPA and tax preparer will appreciate you having accurate and organized books. It saves them time - and saves you money!

+ Do you do taxes

No, I do not prepare income tax returns nor business taxes. I can, however give you referrals to some awesome ones!

+ Can you perform audits?

I am not a CPA so cannot legally perform audits.