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Turning a profit in your business is amazing but it all starts with the end in mind - how you price your products and services. 

That’s why I created the Ultimate Pricing Calculator!



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In just 30 minutes, you'll learn how to overhaul the pricing for your business . This training is exactly how I help dozens of clients and customers understand how to price with confidence.

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  • How to price for profit through understanding your realistic income goal.

  • My specific 5-part method for pricing so that you can be efficient and profitable.

  • Price your products by working backwards and uncovering those costs.

  • Non-emotional picture painting of each cycle of a launch to uncover what worked and what didn’t in plain-sight.


 What customers have to say:


Before the UPC I had no idea how to price my services or know how many clients I could take on each month to work the hours I could while still meeting my revenue goals. All that math made my head hurt. Within 30 minutes of buying the UPC, I had my pricing figured out and knew exactly how many clients to book out for the month. It's math magic and now I can go be creative without the worry.

- Stephanie Owens of Ms. Paper Moon



My biggest struggle was brining clarity around my offers. I needed to understand at what price point did it make sense to deliver a service, how many hours would it take me, and what results I could deliver. The UPC made it was easy working with you because you understood my problem. I've seen an incredible amount of time I've received back in my day to day business. Also, since I've accurately priced my package I've made more this month then I had previously.

- Abu Fofanah