pricing audit strategy session!

Understanding where to start when you're pricing your services for profit is tricky. You have to consider how much you must pay yourself, pay taxes, and you definitely need to keep your business afloat!

It's hard to stay in your head and think about pricing.

That's why I want to help! Stop overthinking the value of your offerings and finally price price what you're service is worth!

During our session, you'll receive the Chic and Classy Cash Flow Planner (not yet released) with a detailed walk-through to help you create a revenue and cash flow plan for your business. We'll then create a plan on how and when your pricing structure will finally create a profit for you!

This hour session will help you:

  1. Understand your costs for your service
  2. Help you determine the value of your service
  3. Create a plan to increase your prices so you can fund your lifestyle

This is hour session is great for you if...

  1. You've been in business consistently for about 6 months
  2. You have clients who've had great experiences with you
  3. You're ready to do the work to create a cash flow management plan for your business!

The Best part?!

Our Session is 100% Money-back Guarantee

I can't promise to help you make 6 figures during a one hour session. But I can promise that you'll be able to create a plan that suits the needs for your unique business. If you don't feel like I've helped you to the best of my ability, I will refund you the fee for our session! 

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