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How to Prepare your Digital Business for Tax Season

So I bet you're wondering as a solopreneur, how in the heck will I get my business ready for tax season. Last year, you really killed it! Raised your prices, made consistent income, and even began paying yourself.

Now it's tax season and you're like 👀... Well have no fear!

I want to share with you some tips to get your small business ready for tax season.

From a bookkeeper's perspective.


Before we get any further, I have to tell you something.

This post is specifically for sole proprietors and single-member LLCs. It will help you begin the process of getting your Schedule C ready for your tax pro to put together.

Now, that we got that out the way, here's how to make your tax season a breeze.

1. Get on an accounting software!

The first thing you want to do is make sure that you are an accounting software.


You thought I wanted to say something else, weren't you.

But no.

Get on an accounting software that is the best specific for you. So, if you're using a CRM, see which accounting software works best with that.

My service-based clients and I LOVE Dubsado. This software currently works best with Quickbooks Online.

If you have an e-commerce business you probably use Shopify. I love how Xero seamlessly works with Shopify.

In my bookkeeping firm, we support our clients with QuickBooks Online and Xero.

I love both softwares but what sets Xero apart is that it's made for the business owner in mind.

If you just started your business journey and want a lower barrier of entry Waveapps is a great start. It has a much lower barrier of entry to get you started and creates pretty good financial statements.

2. Track all your income

You're most-likely going to get 1099s in the beginning of the year. It's so important to cross-reference them with your accounting software to ensure accuracy.

1099s range from 1099-Ks from your payment processor or 1099s from contracted work.

PayPal will give you a 1099K if you collected payments of about $20K and over. Stripe, another payment processor, will send a 1099K once you hit a certain threshold.

Your 1099s will come from contracted work where you got paid $600 or over in 2018.

If you hired contractors and paid them via check, cash or bank transfer $600 or over, here's a post for you!

🗣 Influencers working with brands, its especially important that you're gathering all your 1099s.

And guess what 🙈, even if you don't a form, you're still responsible for claiming income! And if you collected self-employed income $400 and over, like I know you did, it's mandatory to file taxes on it!

3. Understand your deductible expenses

The third thing that I want you to do is understand your expenses or track those expenses.

The first way to better track expenses for your business is by having separate accounts. These checking and savings accounts are separate from your personal.

I know this might be hard if you're just starting out, but I guarantee you. If you just even separate it, even if you have a couple of transactions a month, it'll make your life so much easier. You also want to know what tax deductions are great for your business.

So stop commingling!

Once you separate your biz and personal money, everything gets a bit more clearer.

In another blog post, I talk about some tax deductions you don't want to miss for your business.

Tax deductions allow you to potentially decrease your taxable income.

But... you have to figure out your tax strategy.

If you're wanting to buy a home or get approved for loan, it's ideal to avoid deducting everything you can think of. This way, you don't show low income on your tax returns that can decrease your chances of approval.

Overwhelmed with it all?! Lovely Financials Group is here to help!

If you are a business owner within the first two years of business, I have something super special for you.

It's called the Start Me Up Package. It's where my team, and I help you create a financial system for your business.

In this package, we’ll start you off with 3 months of done-for-you bookkeeping.

This will allow us to create a your own bookkeeping process and train you on the software. You'll be able to take over without the headache of trying to keep up.

After we work together, you'll be able to understand how to work in QuickBooks or Xero.

You'll also have an understanding of how to read your financial reports.

Imagine this...

  • Doing your bookkeeping to not only understand the health of your business

  • But also delivering your FINISHED numbers to your tax pro. They will love you! I promise!

  • AND making informed decisions about your business for the future.

If you're on Shopify, and you're concerned with sales tax, we will have another post coming soon. We'll dig into sales tax because we know that may be the bane of your existence. States are trying to get their money. I don't want you to fall through the cracks of not having your sales tax together.

I hope this post was useful for you! I shared the three ways to prepare your digital business for tax season. 1. Getting on an accounting software. 2. Tracking all your income and your 1099s. 3. Tracking all your expenses and knowing your deductions.

If you liked this post, I'd appreciate it if you shared with someone who you know will need it! Also, if you're looking for a dialogue about this, we'll be going live in the Facebook Group, the Profitable Ladies’ Lounge!

How to Know if Entrepreneurship is Right for You

How to Know if Entrepreneurship is Right for You

Realness here. I wasn't born with the entrepreneurial spirit running through my veins. I used to think it was unreasonable for people to go out on their own to start a business. It just didn't seem stable. Far from guaranteed money in most cases.

I was frightened of it being unsafe and put a stigma on it being a “get rich quick scheme”. This belief was forced into my subconscious throughout my life. I didn't know any business owners in my family, or any family friends, or friends of my own, so all my ideas were based on general society. It was believed to be smart to climb the corporate ladder to the top. Full benefits and a few dollars in my 401K made me holler.

This spirit was embedded in me until I started to see people actually living their dream. Like, you don’t have to be miserable to reap the benefits of your desired life.

You don’t have to sit in standstill traffic on a Thursday afternoon while pregnant, going through Braxton Hicks contractions. Fathers don't have to face their children being calmed down by the daycare staff quicker than them... You don’t have to wait until “Happy Hour” to relax...

Before starting a business, I would think, who am I to just up and start a business? Then I reflected on my abilities, laid out my dreams and realized, why not me? I was the only person holding myself back from a life of bliss and fulfilling my purpose.