hey you, LET'S TALK talk money management FOR A MINUTE!

Running a business is hard. Especially when you work with your hands all day and have to worry about building your local following AND social media! You need to break through traditional industries understanding the entrepreneurship world of the beauty industry. 

No matter where you are in your beauty to business journey, ensuring that you are tracking and growing the money in your business is essential!

Let me know if this is you:

You're so used to having both your personal and business income together and you want to finally change!

You're over-the-moon with joy when you receive income from your esthetician services or business. But you failed to have a real revenue plan.

One to help you break down income goals by quarter, month, and even daily goals. You wouldn't dream on getting on an accounting software without experiencing a headache. 

In turn, you're left with complete commingling of your finances and stress for the upcoming tax season. 

It's because you don't have a financial system

No system = so much headaches and hardships.

Trust me, you shouldn't feel ashamed for this. My clients have been there. When we face our fears around money and get serious about separating, tracking, and growing your business - realize that it needs to have a system.

introducing from beauty to business money management Workshop

When you complete this workshop, you'll learn how to create your financial system from scratch. 

Gone are the days where you have no clue of the financial health of your business. You also can learn what's tax deductible and the beginning steps of doing your own bookkeeping.

Live workshop date: Monday, March 19th from 2 pm to 5 pm EST!

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The From Beauty to Business Workshop is for you if...

  • You want to understand how to manage your money

  • You're tired of not following through on your income goals

  • You want to stop the oblivion of cash management.

This training is exactly how I help dozens of clients understand the profitability AND cash flow of their business. I use this system to create growth plans so they can understand the exact numbers on how to 3x their biz!

No more feeling overwhelmed about tracking your finances!

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What clients in your industry say

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 1.07.43 PM.png

"Before working with Iyanna, we didn't know how my business was doing or what the businesses potential was. Since working with Iyanna, our business finances, especially cash flow is clearly organized and easy to understand. We're able to set goals and budgets now!"

- Zakiya Richardson of The Lash Queens

The Workshop will be love Monday the 19th at 2 pm to 5 pm EST

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About your teacher!


Hey there, my name is Iyanna Vaughn. The owner and founder of the Lovely Financials Group. We help beauty and digital entrepreneurs make and manage their money to fund the lifestyle of your dreams. That means scaling your business all with the power of cash. Every single product I create, I use lovingly on my clients before they even reach the pubic. I love being a trusted partner in my clients' entrepreneurship journey. I want to help you be empowered to make the best and educated financial decisions for your business. 

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More Client Love


"Tapping into Iyanna’s genius has helped me become savvier with how I earn, handle, and save money! I got the clarity I needed to design and price my services in a way that reflected my value and attracts my ideal client. 

- Amber L. Wright, Keynote Coach & Speaker of TalkToAmber.com


"I now understand where I need to be putting my energy. I am less stressed because I can see that the decisions I am making are resulting in profits. Plus, I am able to evaluate the most successful pieces of my business."

- Jenny Melrose of The Melrose Family & JennyMelrose.com


"I love how thorough and detail oriented Iyanna is. Each meeting she refers to previous goals and provides financial accountability which is really appreciated. She’s also so dependable!"

- Tamara Floyd of Natural Hair Rules!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ When will the workshop be available? Will there be a recording?

The workshop will begin Monday the 19th at 2pm EST. You'll get email reminders and links to the webinar. You will also receive a recording of the workshop!

+ What is your return policy?

You will have until Sunday, March 18th 8 pm EST to request a refund for the workshop.

+ How long will I be able to have the material?

You'll be able to have the course forevea!

+ What if I need hands-on support?

If the thought of handling your cash flow sounds like a fete you don't want to conquer alone, please feel free to book an intensive. You'll be able to have 4 full hours of hands-on support so that you can create your cash flow plan without a hiccup.

+ What if I need ongoing support?

Head over to my monthly bookkeeping service page to get a feel of what I offer on a monthly basis! I usually work with those who are making upwards of $100K a year in revenues.