hi I'm Iyanna!



I'm the online entrepreneur's virtual soulmate. An INFP, who loves to do things, a little bit differently every day! I'm a multi-passionate individual that also realizes I need to concentrate on one passion project at a time. 

I also describe myself as the socially awkward butterfly. I've coined this term because while introverted, one on one conversations with others makes me so happy!

In the earlier years, I loved stowing myself away with a book, secretly writing novels, drawing Dragon Ball Z characters, and... enjoyed solving long math equations.  

Coming an adulthood meant that it was time to narrow myself into a realistic career. I didn't know how my interests can turn into a career, but I did end up receiving my degree. 

My brainiac accounting classmate and I would dedicate our evenings and weekends teaching Accounting majors how to ace the tests. My accountant teacher would suggest more than once that I needed to switch my major. In hindsight, I wish that I did. 

Although I ended up graduating with a Health Care Management Degree, accounting was still in my heart. 

I get excited brainstorming ways businesses can make their businesses more profitable and make a full-time income on it.  

When I had my daughter, I made it my priority to find my calling in life. To craft a life that I wanted to live and role model that anything is possible. Build confidence in her, understanding that it started with me. 

I started my personal blog, Yannivlovely as a creative outlet for myself. I fell in love with reading and writing again.

I turned my apprehension about a career and turned it into a business! I now help beautiful millennial women working full-time on their business quit their apprehension with accounting! I found purpose in serving entrepreneurial women to win in all areas of their business.